Top Trucking Recruitment Tips

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Top Trucking Recuiting Tips

More than 80% of the United States communities rely exclusively on truck drivers to deliver goods, and carriers need to have a robust trucking recruitment strategy to keep their fleets full.

At Employee Recruitment Marketing, we believe in learning from data and going straight to the source, which is why we maintain close relationships with our carriers, industry experts, and most importantly, truck drivers! After many discussions with drivers, industry professionals, and reviewing the data available from Q4, we have found the following five trucking recruitment tips were all consistently mentioned across the board.

top 5 trucking recruitment tips

1. Manage Your Reputation Online

We all know the importance of researching reviews and ratings before making a purchase or dining at a restaurant. Similarly, truck drivers seeking new job opportunities conduct their own research by seeking feedback from other drivers and reading online reviews about the carrier before making a decision. It’s important for carriers to be aware of this and to maintain a positive online reputation, as it can greatly influence a driver’s decision to join their fleet.

2. Be Open and Transparent

Drivers that participated in a recent survey all concurred that transparency and honesty from recruiters regarding job responsibilities, compensation, mileage, and home time play a crucial role in their decision to join a new carrier. They highlighted that a clear and honest portrayal of the job and compensation expectations by the recruiters helps them to make an informed decision.

3. Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

Drivers are looking for more than just a good pay package, they are also looking for benefits that will make them feel valued and respected. Benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, bonuses, and paid time off can be just as important as pay when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent.

4. Target Passive Job Seekers

Our research indicates that although nearly 65% of drivers may not be actively seeking new job opportunities, they are still open to considering better options when they arise. This is why it’s crucial for your company to be visible where these passive job seekers are present, such as online platforms where truck drivers may be networking or seeking information. By targeting this group, you increase your chances of attracting top talent to your company.

5. Invest in Retention Strategies

Retention is just as important as recruitment when it comes to keeping your trucks full and on the road. Employee Recruitment Marketing can help you with retention strategies that will help you to keep your best drivers happy and engaged.

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