Top Trucking Recruitment Tips

Top Trucking Recuiting Tips

More than 80% of the United States communities rely exclusively on truck drivers to deliver goods, and carriers need to have a robust truck driver recruiting strategy to keep their fleets full.

At Employee Recruitment Marketing, we believe in learning from data and going straight to the source, which is why we maintain close relationships with our carriers, industry experts, and most importantly, truck drivers! After many discussions with drivers, industry professionals, and reviewing the data available from Q4, we have found the following five driver recruiting tips were all consistently mentioned across the board.

A New Way To Recruit Drivers: Moving Beyond Traditional Job Boards

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Recruiting has become a complex task for many industries in recent years. Data shows over 4.3 million Americans left their jobs last year. Also, a good majority of them, two-thirds in fact, chose to retire rather than quit. The trucking industry is also facing this trend. There isn’t many young drivers entering the profession. Not only that, but a significant number of aging drivers are retiring. This unfortunately can worsen the driver shortage if not addressed. Although the challenges are significant, there are solutions.