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Welcome to Employee Recruitment Marketing. Here you can learn all about how we specialize in delivering an A-Z trucking recruitment and driver retention strategy.

We understand how expensive it is when your trucks are idle, and it’s our mission to keep your trucks filled and on the road.

As you know, there’s several challenges when it comes to recruiting and retaining qualified drivers. That’s why we have developed innovative technology and strategies to help our clients achieve success in this area.

At ERM, we believe that recruiting is more than just a numbers game. Our goal is to deliver our client’s qualified drivers, lower their cost-per-hire, and most importantly, to keep their trucks on the road.

How It Works

We use cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning to specifically target the type of trucking or type of truckers that you want. Our experienced recruiters will help you to hire more drivers quickly and efficiently.

Our team of digital marketing professional specialize in search engine marketing and content creation. We are constantly optimizing our strategies to guarantee our client’s ads are getting in front of the right people, in the right locations, at the right time.

Check out our services page to learn more about the specifics of how our process works.

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At Employee Recruitment Marketing, we are proud of our team’s extensive experience in the marketing and recruiting industry. Our team members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, with decades of combined experience in various roles.

We have many staff members who have worked for several different carriers, including as recruiting directors and marketing directors. This experience gives them a unique insight into the challenges and needs of trucking companies and allows them to provide solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our team’s deep understanding of the trucking industry and our extensive experience in marketing and recruiting is unmatched in the industry, and we are confident that we can help your company find and retain top talent.

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Michael Garsow

Michael R Garsow


Robert Jahnke

Robert Jahnke


Jordon Eckhardt

Jordon Eckhardt


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We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and support. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and to provide guidance throughout the implementation process. We offer a free consultation to discuss your unique needs and to show you how our service can benefit your business.

Don’t let the driver shortage hold your business back, contact us today learn more about how Employee Recruitment Marketing can help your company find and retain top talent.

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About Michael Garsow

Michael Garsow is a founder of Employee Recruitment Marketing, a digital advertising firm dedicated to helping companies recruit quality employees.

Before dedicating himself to Employee Recruitment Marketing (ERM), Michael most recently served as Chief Operating Officer at CBS-Global, an international merger and acquisition firm.

During his tenure with CBS-Global, Michael led a small team to rebuild the organization’s operational processes, systems, and training program from the ground up while simultaneously helping to increase company revenue by 325%.

Prior to CBS-Global, he successfully co-founded and sold a digital marketing agency, worked as a general business consultant, and managed business to business sales teams. One of Michael’s proudest accomplishments thus far in his career is that he, either individually or leading small teams, successfully completed more than $1.4 billion in sales.

Michael holds a degree in Business Management from Rasmussen University, multiple digital marketing certifications and holds an active Real Estate Salesperson License.

Mike’s LinkedIn

About Scot Chrisman

Scot Chrisman is the idea behind the brand. He is passionate about helping businesses get what they need and figuring out how to do it.   

He has helped his previous clients surpass milestones like reaching over $2 million dollars in sales in a calendar year, and has help launch and sell more than $2.5 million dollars of products for a new company in 72 hours. 

His unique approaches to branding, marketing and advertising help propel businesses to the next level. He hopes to serve 100’s of trucking companies and help them keep their fleets on the road so they’re never losing money from a shortage of drivers.

About Robert Jahnke

Robert Jahnke is the owner of Top Hat Marketing Inc. 

Entrepreneur and business owner since 1982, Robert attributes his entrepreneurial longevity to persistence and adding value to others. He has helped hundreds of businesses become more successful by using low-cost ideas and optimizing strategies. He joined the company to help recruiting department be more successful in finding quality employees.

About Jordon Eckhardt

Jordon Eckhardt is a founder of Employee Recruitment Marketing, a digital advertising firm dedicated to helping companies recruit quality employees.
Before dedicating himself to Employee Recruitment Marketing (ERM), Jordon most recently served as a Business Intermediary for an international merger and acquisition firm.  There, he specialized in the transportation and manufacturing industries, helping to service multiple successful transactions.

Prior to CBS-Global, he worked for a private retail development company, responsible for acquisition/ disposition of retail centers and leasing ground up development projects.

Jordon is client focused / customer service driven. This is thanks to his past experience in the  hospitality industry working for 2 Michelin Star restaurants, 5 Star 5 Diamond Private Clubs, and High end Private events companies. 

At the end of the day the clients experience matters most and Jordon is dedicated to delivering just that.