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Our leading-edge driver recruitment solution ensures your trucks stay on the road by matching you with qualified drivers. Let Employee Recruitment Marketing take the hassle out of the recruitment process for you.

Attract & Retain Top Drivers with a Strategic Recruiting & Retention Plan

Are you struggling to find and retain exceptional talent in the trucking industry?

We understand the challenges that carriers face in today’s competitive market. That’s why the team here at Employee Recruitment Marketing has developed a unique solution to target your ideal candidates on social media and search engine platforms.

Our approach effectively places your ads and job applications in front of the best talent for your specific trucking needs.

Let us help you find and recruit the top talent you need to succeed. Together, we will help you keep your trucks filled and on the road.

employee recruitment marketing truck driver recruitment

Our driver recruitment services allow you to focus on the growth and success of your business

Employee Recruitment Marketing can help build your fleet of dedicated drivers and ensure they want to stay long-term

Benefits of partnering with our trucking recruiting company:

employee recruitment marketing truck driver recruitment

Our Process

1. Recruit

Our team of experienced recruiters are dedicated to helping you hire more dedicated drivers quickly and efficiently. 

2. Train

We provide you with our exact processes and training necessary to set you and your candidates up for long-term success.

3. Retain

You know as well as we do, simply hiring isn’t enough. This is why we have effective retention strategies to keep your trucks on the road.

Employee Recruitment Marketing Strategy

employee recruitment marketing for hiring truck drivers

ERM specializes in providing a comprehensive driver recruitment and retention strategy that covers all aspects of the process.

We understand that recruiting top talent can be a challenge, and that’s why we take an holistic approach to finding the right candidates for your company.

Using a variety of techniques, including digital and social media strategies, we generate as many qualified and interested candidates as possible. Our goal is to help you lower your cost-per-hire and increase the number of qualified applicants.

Additionally, our retention services are designed to help you keep your trucks full and on the road by ensuring that you retain top talent. We strive to deliver you with a complete solution that covers all aspects of recruitment and retention, from A-Z.”

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