A New Way To Recruit Drivers: Moving Beyond Traditional Job Boards

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The Challenges of Recruitment in Today’s Landscape

Recruiting has become a complex task for many industries in recent years. Data shows over 4.3 million Americans left their jobs last year. Also, a good majority of them, two-thirds in fact, chose to retire rather than quit. The trucking industry is also facing this trend to recruit drivers. There isn’t many young drivers entering the profession. Not only that, but a significant number of aging drivers are retiring. This unfortunately can worsen the driver shortage if not addressed. Although the challenges are significant, there are solutions.

The driver shortage showcases the need for cost-effective and efficient recruitment tools. As we progress into 2023, it is crucial to install results-driven recruitment strategies. This will ensure the supply chain keeps moving and that an adequate number of drivers stay on the roads.

Recruit Drivers with new strategies

The Decline of Conventional Job Boards

Conventional job boards have proven to be ineffective. It’s a new era, and we can’t continue to use outdated recruitment strategies. Even the most skilled recruiting teams hire a fraction of applicants from job boards. This is because when a job ad gets posted broad audience platforms, the job ad is likely matched with a large number of unqualified candidates.

For recruiters, this process is very time-consuming. It also requires them to review hundreds of candidates only to find a few that meet the hiring criteria. By the time recruiters reach out to an applicant, they may have already moved on. This then forces the recruiter to start the process all over again. This approach drains internal resources, budgets, and also fails to secure drivers for the job and keep the supply chain moving.

Advantages of Niche-Specific Recruitment Platforms

While other industries have embraced digital technology, the trucking industry hasBut. But we are here to change this and provide a new leading-edge service for the trucking industry. Conventional job boards and hiring tools for mass hiring has proven to be ineffective. This is especially true for carriers looking to attract qualified drivers.

Luckily, niche-recruiting companies like ours address this gap when it comes to recruit drivers. Using specialized companies like Employee Recruitment Marketing allows carriers to increase their driver recruitment efforts. It also allows them to reach more candidates without increasing staff or budget. There’s several benefits to using niche-recruiting companies like Employee Recruitment Marketing, such as:

  1. Targeted recruitment: By using a service designed for the trucking industry, you can reach the right drivers with the right job opportunities. This saves you from sifting through a large pool of unqualified candidates.
  1. Cost-efficiency: By leveraging a more efficient recruitment process, you can reduce the time and resources spent to recruit drivers, lowering your cost-per-hire.
  1. Improved retention: Specialized companies often include retention services to help keep your newly hired drivers on the road longer and ensure your trucks are always moving.

Recruit Drivers Effectively

Evaluate how potential candidates perceive your current job postings. Also review your application process to improve your recruitment strategy. In a recent study, researchers found only 5% of candidates who click on a job ad complete the application. Drivers are more likely to complete an application for a job if the posting is clear and concise. Also, if the application doesn’t ask for too much personal information up front. Prioritizing driver needs starts before they join your company. The job search process can also influence their employment experience.

Employee Recruitment Marketing can remove the burden with an end-to-end hiring process. We use innovative technology to reach ideal candidates and build relationships with them. We know as well as you do that making the hire isn’t enough. This is why we also put a big focus on driver retention strategies to keep your trucks full and on the road.

Improve your recruitment by using Employee Recruitment Marketing. Schedule a call to learn about our cutting-edge strategies to recruit drivers and retain them.

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